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Maintenance Made More Efficient at
Childress Klein Properties with Flywheel

Childress Klein Properties (CKP), one of the leading real estate developers in the Southeastern United States, owns and manages more than 20 million square feet of property in Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. CKP has a longstanding relationship with Flywheel working together to implement preventive building maintenance practices at many of its properties in Georgia.

“Before Flywheel, handling work requests was difficult,” said Jack Kennedy, director of engineering services at Childress Klein.“We used logbooks and a stand-alone computer-based work order system to manage work orders and used radios to notify engineers of issues. There was no easy way to keep an accurate record of response times. We had a full time employee dedicated to trying to keep track of work orders.”

CKP had a work order system in place, but it wasn’t real-time and didn’t provide all the required features. “We needed a more direct and efficient method of communication with engineers in the field,” said Amy Little, property manager with Childress Klein.


After considering several options, CKP found the solution for its Georgia portfolio in Flywheel (formerly SCItendant), a software tool that keeps a record of preventive maintenance and tenant service requests. Flywheel is a web-based system that makes it easy for tenants to report problems and alert maintenance staff, quickly and efficiently. Flywheel enables most service requests to be made online directly by tenants, and requests are dispatched automatically to engineers via handheld devices.

The software also supports automatic dispatch on preventive maintenance work orders. This allows users to assign work orders to an engineer based on skill and the type of work that needs to be performed.

“Now, our work orders are going to the right guy, the first time,”added Kennedy.

To ensure that work is completed in a timely manner, Flywheel  tracks the entire process making it viewable online. “The engineer is able to accept the request, complete the work and communicate the progress back to the tenant.” says Jennifer Holbrook, account manager, Flywheel.

“Once the request is closed,the tenant is given 24 hours to confirm the job was completed to satisfaction.” The system also helps CKP by keeping a record of tenant complaint response times, identify problem areas, and then work with tenants to resolve them. “Since it’s all web-based, you’re able to track everything and never lose your history,” said Kennedy.

The flexible system can be customized to suit any property; therefore, CKP can deploy it in any new facility and get the results almost immediately. In addition, Flywheel makes it easy for CKP staff to perform regularly scheduled maintenance lengthening equipment life and ultimately saving the company money.


Preventive Maintenance via Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Improves asset management, portfolio benchmark analysis, and labor performance documentation. Flywheel provides communication, routing, approval, training, reporting, and analysis.

Tenant Service Requests

Designed specifically for the commercial office market to maximize tenant satisfaction, minimize operating costs, streamline processes, support tenant service delivery and manage internal maintenance needs.

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