Parkway Center


High operating costs and a workforce with limited time and bandwidth  to implement conservation opportunities.


Flywheel provided Continuous Optimization and Energy Master Planning services, using cutting edge data analytics to identify no/low-cost energy saving opportunities. Flywheel predicted a 5-8% energy cost savings, which would have produced a positive cash flow during the first year. However, the solution generated an annualized 29% energy cost savings during the first 3 months after implementation.


Stream Realty realized a 30% energy savings from the Parkway Centre III building in its rst month, equating to approximately $5,000. Within four months, energy savings were calculated at 25%, equating to an $18,887 savings.

With Flywheel’s Managed Energy Services providing ongoing analysis using real data, the client is expected to realize an annualized 29% energy savings equating to over $60,000 for the year ending September 30, 2015. And the ROI was realized in four and a half months — less than half the time the client hoped for.

Based on this success, Stream is considering implementing Flywheel’s Managed Energy Services in several other buildings in the Dallas metroplex.

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