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Get to know us

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Product info

Product info

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Is Flywheel mobile?

All functional features are available on the mobile app, meaning you can get work done away from your desk, easily.

How long does setup take?

Setup is quick and easy. With available preventative maintenance tasks for thousands of assets, migration time is cut down considerably.

Are additional services available?

We offer services, too! We can provide onboarding, in-person training, energy management as a service and more.

Chat or call to find out more.

How many users can I have?

Flywheel supports teams of one to five users, up to hundreds of users per site. With plans for small properties and large portfolios, there’s an option for everyone.

Who can use Flywheel?

Flywheel is used by directors of engineering, property managers, engineers, dispatchers, housekeeping and executives in commercial real estate, hospitality, education, data centers and more.

With features to address maintenance, people and energy management, Flywheel easily translates across industries and departments.

million square feet managed
PM schedules and checklists for thousands of assets
years of customer loyalty
languages supported