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About Flywheel

The concept of Flywheel came from the mechanical device, called a flywheel, that can be used to control direction and oppose undesired changes – providing stability in things like ships and satellites. Flywheel harnesses the power of data-driven insights and analytics to help owners, operators and workers resist going off course during day-to-day operations. The cloud-based platform helps streamline workflows, maximize net operating income (NOI) and return on investment (ROI) across the hospitality, commercial real estate and gaming industries. Flywheel helps every employee – from the board room to the boiler room – Run a Better Building.

Flywheel is an industry disruptor, offering a truly unique solution to an industry in need of a technology upgrade. By combining maintenance management and energy management into a single solution, Flywheel addresses three key areas that affect 85% of building operating costs: people, maintenance and energy.

Flywheel is a dedicated and passionate team of individuals that have come together with a vision to create a sustainable, economical and efficient environment for every facility we serve.

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Our Values

We believe in offering an opportunity to those who seek it and we support them in their journey to success. Whether it’s taking on projects that don’t typically fit within a single job description or exposing employees to new learning opportunities, we strive to provide a challenging environment that encourages employees to better themselves personally and professionally.

We believe in building scalable, thoughtful technology for the future. Innovative in spirit and in practice, we pride ourselves on always raising the bar and maintaining relevance in the fast-paced technology industry.

Our staff is our most valuable asset. We encourage ownership at every level of the organization. We believe in providing our employees with the tools they need and a work style that fits each individual so that he or she can reach maximum potential.

We are a small but mighty team of visionaries, developers, marketers, supporters, and doers. We work together, struggle together, and most importantly, celebrate together. Teamwork is essential and highly encouraged for our success. We work hard and play hard – together.

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Career Opportunities

  • We believe in hiring the right people and giving them the tools they need to succeed.
  • We pride ourselves on being small, but mighty; innovative, yet grounded.
  • We believe in opportunity, innovation, ownership, and teamwork.
  • If you are passionate, dedicated, and aren’t afraid to roll up your sleeves and get to work – apply for one of our positions below.
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