Flywheel Recap: NFMT Vegas 2016

This was Flywheel’s first year at The National Facilities Management and Technology (NFMT) Conference in Las Vegas, and we had the opportunity to meet industry peers and see the many great sessions, innovations, and trends that show us a glimpse into the future of the FM industry.

If you attended NFMT, then you too had the opportunity to connect with facility professionals at one of the largest facilities management tradeshow in the industry. Almost 1600 facility professionals attended this two-day show! As we are sure you noted, today’s FM professionals need to turn building and facility data into business intelligence, all while keeping up with digitization, an aging workforce and fragmentation. Like many of the sessions at NFMT pointed out, 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day and millennials will make up 50% of workforce in just 2 years! Which is why it is so important to close that knowledge gap and leverage your building intelligence platform to run a better building!

Flywheel is more than just a CMMS, it’s a total building solution which combines computerized maintenance management system capabilities, utility and energy management, workforce collaboration, advance data analytics, and reporting all in one place.

Flywheel’s SVP of Sales spoke on How Big Data Will Drive Facility Managers and Maintenance, which covered how to identify big data, where it can be found, understanding how data improves operations and utilization of people, while driving operational costs down. Some key points from his session included:

  • $70 billion is spent annually on operating buildings in the U.S.
  • Aging building systems, lack of visibility, and the knowledge gap account for a third of operating expenditures being wasted
  • Big Data and IoT (Internet of Things) are how we can capture the master operator’s expertise

NFMT has allowed for these quality educational sessions and networking opportunities to expand and further conversation of the latest trends, challenges and technology impacting facility managers not only today, but also in the near future. Changes are certainly on their way for the FM industry, from the aging workforce to the need to unify to the shift to digitization. The pivotal role of big data and IoT in driving optimization is more clear now than ever.

Check out #NFMTVegas16 to follow the conversation on social media. We want to hear about your experiences or challenges within the FM industry. How are you addressing the exit and shortage of experienced professionals? How you are connecting FM to the organizational goals?

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