SCIenergy Rebrands to Align with Launch of True Building Performance Platform

The building efficiency company’s rebrand follows integration of workforce, maintenance, and energy management into a single platform.

DALLAS, TX: SCIenergy, a leading provider of cloud-based building management solutions, launched the first total building performance platform, Flywheel. Leveraging the power of mobile, cloud computing, and cutting edge data science, Flywheel creates a single solution to optimize people, energy and maintenance processes in buildings. With the launch, the Company also announced a name change to Flywheel to align its brand with the company’s holistic approach to improving building performance.

“I’m excited to launch Flywheel, a product informed by more than 30 years of hard won experience in helping our customers deliver world class building performance,” said Steve Gossett, Jr., CEO of Flywheel. “We designed our new comprehensive platform to make our customers’ jobs simpler and help them deliver better services, more reliably, at a lower total cost. Renaming our company is an extension of our efforts to break down the silos within our customers’ organizations and make the job of operating buildings easier.”

Flywheel is a single, total building solution, combining computerized maintenance management system capabilities, utility and energy management, workforce collaboration, advanced data analytics, and reporting in one place. By encompassing maintenance, people and energy into a single platform, Flywheel uses real-time data to diagnose performance inefficiencies and recommend comprehensive strategies to optimize building performance across a number of cost centers.

“Through our legacy products, we work with literally thousands of customers daily to help them operate their buildings,” said Gossett. “The consensus from these customers is that their lives are complicated enough – they don’t need another widget or fancy dashboard. They need something that will actually break down the barriers within their organization, deliver timely insights across all of the areas they are responsible for, and help them simplify the process of operating their buildings. That’s Flywheel.”

About Flywheel Building Intelligence, Inc.

With more than 30 years in the efficiency market, Flywheel helps every employee, from the boardroom to the boiler room,Run a Better Building. Currently supporting more than 150 million square feet, the Flywheel team is committed to connecting customers to the data and insights they need to reduce operating costs, improve energy efficiency and optimize maintenance strategies. Flywheel is backed by leading investors and led by a management team with tenure in the energy, sustainability, big data and analytics industries. With customers in the hospitality, commercial real estate, healthcare and education industries, they strive to make high performance building operations accessible to everyone.

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