The Problems in facilities management

The Building Operator’s Dilemma

Operating a facility is expensive. If you’re a director of engineering or building manager, you already know that. However, people often don’t realize that there is more than $70 billion a year spent on the controllable expense in buildings in the United States alone. Globally that number becomes about half a trillion dollars spent every year.

Facility operation costs may not be a flashy issue, but it’s real a pain point for many in the facility management industry. There haven’t been many solutions for this problem, but now there is room to make a tangible difference.

As building operations teams are downsized, they’re hit with another challenge on top of being understaffed: 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day, and within the next 10 years the industry anticipates half of its professionals will age out. These changes are creating a gap between experienced workers and new professionals who lack the same experience or training.

Meanwhile, some studies say up to a third of operations costs are unnecessary, as energy waste, unnecessary maintenance and lack of optimization cost building owners and operators. While many facility management professionals use a CMMS or other softwares, they’re similarly reliant on spreadsheets, email, verbal communication and handwritten notes.

This isn’t a technology-heavy space—yet. But it’s clear there is room for a technology-driven solution to these challenges. This is where Flywheel is stepping in to address optimization issues and the growing knowledge and resources gap. With Flywheel’s building performance platform, we save our customers time, money, and resources by managing their workforce, maintenance and energy costs all in onesingle platform.

Maintenance, energy and people are all tightly linked and their relationships affect building performance. Flywheel is more than a CMMS or energy management system (EMS), combining the capabilities to provide our clients insight into the relationships they encounter every day.

“Truly helping people run a better building is what Flywheel is all about. Not only can we help you can solve the problem with the knowledge gap, with the power of analytics and analysis, we help you figure out what to do, when to do it, and the right way to do it.” – Steve Gossett, Jr., CEO, Flywheel

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