Energy Management

Flywheel offers a simple and effective energy management solution to help you track, analyze, and optimize your organization’s energy.

  • Reduce cost
  • Reduce risk
  • Eliminate waste

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Why choose Flywheel?

  • Flywheel’s fault detection and diagnostics library has been in use for almost a decade, and is continuing to evolve with new data streams and building types.
  • Flywheel’s professional engineering team is well-accredited by institutions, such as the Association of Energy Engineers and GBCI LEED.
  • An in-house team is only as good as its experience level and toolset. By leveraging Flywheel’s team of energy experts and fault detection/diagnostics engine, the building operations team can continue to focus on what they do best- running their building.
  • Flywheel has a long track record of driving energy and operational efficiency, stemming back to 2001 and spanning many building types. See our library of case studies for just a few of our success stories.
Fault Detection Dashboard

Track / Analyze / Optimize

  • Flywheel helps clients track, analyze, and optimize energy use in a single building or an entire portfolio.
  • Takes the guesswork out of achieving energy efficiency. By leveraging the power of Big Data from various sources, such as utility meters, the building automation system (BAS), and the CMMS, Flywheel’s proprietary Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) tool will transform the data into actionable insights, or automatically-generated work orders.
  • Flywheel starts by tapping into utility billing data to help our clients understand how much they spend on energy, and how their energy use compares to their peer group.
  • Pressing further, Flywheel then analyzes additional data from the utility company, BAS, and the CMMS, against a customizable fault detection library to develop efficiency insights.
  • Other companies may track and analyze energy data, but Flywheel organizes those insights into actionable tasks communicated through an integrated CMMS for timely execution. This puts the power to predict and prevent problems into the hands of facility leaders.
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Building Optimization

Explore our three different packages:

  • Flywheel’s utility monitoring platform offers a dashboard view of your building and portfolio, and visualizes energy use and cost in recent years.
  • Through standardized metrics and partners like Energy Star Portfolio Manager, our dashboard provides insight into how the building is performing with respect to the baseline year and its peer group.
  • Data is weather-normalized to show you how much impact the weather, utility prices, and current operational behavior is affecting the energy bill.
  • Flywheel’s Interval Analytics solution uses more detailed data from the utility meter (down to a 5-minute interval) to visualize daily energy usage patterns in the building.  Comparing these daily load profiles to historical building data and expected building operation, the software identifies anomalies that will result in increased energy bills and higher demand charges.
  • Flywheel’s software will detect major building startup and shutdown sequences, analyze those sequences, and then offer recommendations on equipment runtimes to maximize efficiency.
  • For buildings that employ a demand-response program, Flywheel can provide additional insight to help get the most cost savings when demand reduction events are invoked.
  • Flywheel’s Comprehensive Optimization pulls together utility data, Building Automation System (BAS) data, and various other connected sensor data, to develop a digital model of energy use in the building, all the way down to individual pieces of equipment. Flywheel then determines how the building should be consuming energy and compares it against real sensor data to find discrepancies. These discrepancies are communicated through the CMMS to building operators, offering recommendations for energy efficiency that cost little to nothing to implement.
  • Flywheel then continues to track and monitor the building performance after changes are made to ensure that building operation does not revert to an inefficient state. The use of sensor data also transforms the preventive maintenance of building equipment, prescribing work to be done when equipment runtimes and performance dictate.
  • Flywheel’s Comprehensive Optimization package, seamlessly tied to the CMMS solution, offers the most advanced and effective solution to Run a Better Building.
Building Optimization

Benefits of Energy Management

  • *Delivers continuous energy savings and tangible return on investment (ROI)
    • *On average, we save customers 10 – 40% in energy cost savings in the first 12 months of using Flywheel.
  • Improves occupant comfort and minimizes wasted resources
  • Enables maintenance and engineering staff to be more efficient
  • Increases property value and mitigates risk
  • Ensures core building systems are running smoothly and efficiently, reducing both operational and capital expenditures
  • Leverages cloud-computing resources to create actionable insights from building automation system (BAS) data
  • Possible asset operational faults that can go undetected:
    • Adverse operating conditions or malfunctions
    • Unnecessary operation of expensive equipment
    • Sensor recordings out of range
  • Possible optimization functions that can go undetected:
    • System or asset operating as programmed, but not optimized as a whole
    • Sub-optimal control sequence
    • Inefficient Scheduling
  • Flywheel Solution:
    • Identify conditions that may lead to early equipment failure
    • Identify energy saving opportunities, and easily adjust operational functions or system settings
    • Reduce or eliminate unplanned repairs and downtime, which reduces overall maintenance time
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