• Work where you want with the Flywheel Mobile App
  • Work how you want with configurable notifications and dashboards
  • Work when you want with offline capabilities

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My Tasks Dashboard
Contains: Two mobile devices
  • Lightning fast, cutting-edge technology
  • Unlocks intuitive features of your smartphone to provide the ultimate user experience
  • Streamlined, configurable dashboards unique to each individual user
  • Powerful search to easily find what you need, when you need it
  • Continue working even when offline or connectivity is poor
  • Why QR codes?
    • QR codes can store much more information than regular barcodes.
  • Ability to create, assign, and print QR codes within the platform.
  • Save valuable time by scanning one of your generated codes to instantly pull up detailed information, such as make, model, manufacturer, warranty information, work order history, and more.
  • Backwards compatible with our legacy system.
  • Submit work orders from inside and outside your organization – great for guest requests or tenant requests.
  • No new login creation needed for one-time submissions.
  • Simple, straightforward interface
  • Five permission levels to suit your organizational needs- ensuring that the right people see the right information, and nothing more
  • Maintain peace of mind knowing that administrative privileges restrict non-administrators from reeking havoc on your system
Contains: Two mobile devices
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