Hospitality Industry Preventive Maintenance

Hospitality Maintenance Management

  • Flywheel has deep roots within the hospitality industry and serves some of the most prestigious hotel and resort portfolios across North America. We built the platform with the help from these industry experts.
  • Flywheel helps you build a high-performing team, reduce unnecessary maintenance and improve guest satisfaction.
  • Flywheel features a streamlined workflow for preventive maintenance and rounds that makes creating, assigning and completing tasks simple and easy.
  • By utilizing team assignments, managers can be sure the right work order gets to the right employee at the right time.
Hospitality Industry Preventive Maintenance

Hospitality Energy Management

  • Flywheel closes the knowledge gap. High turnover is an industry-wide pain point that Flywheel looks to address by enabling users to adopt an analytical approach to maintenance and energy. It puts your data to work for you
  • We simplify energy management. Flywheel easily incorporates data from any source and gain actionable insights into efficiency.
  • The results:
    • Improve comfort, quality and reliability of guest environment
    • Reduce downtime of your equipment and increase guest satisfaction
    • Streamline your workflows and empower your employees with Flywheel Mobile – the lightning fast mobile app that lets each individual work the way they want
Contains: A pressure gauge and tools
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Commercial Maintenance Management

  • Our all-in-one solution allows commercial, apartment, residential, student housing and community association property managers to manage and optimize one building or an entire portfolio.
  • Administrators can easily manage life cycles of assets, track and manage maintenance costs and labor, and keep updated on possible equipment failures before they happen in order to properly allocate resources.
  • Flywheel Mobile provides the most accessible, lightning fast streamlined solution for maintenance teams on the go.
    • Push notifications ensure your employees won’t miss a thing.
    • A configurable dashboard means each individual user can work the way they want
    • Create, update, and close work orders
    • Continue working online or offline
    • Syncs seamlessly with desktop
  • The tenant request portal allows for  work requests submissions or issue reporting
    • No login required – you can use it inside and outside the organization
    • Simply provide a link to the webpage, fill out a form, and it will automatically populate in the Flywheel platform
    • Ask about our ability to custom brand the Flywheel Tenant Portal for your organization
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Commercial Energy Management

  • Integrated energy management takes the guesswork out of efficiency. Flywheel is a simple and effective energy management solution to help track, analyze, and optimize your organization’s energy across a single site.
  • Flywheel brings a new level of insight to an entire building by enabling administrators to take action and effectively track decrease in net operating income (NOI).
  • Our automated fault detection and diagnostics library is continually evolving alongside our in-house energy expertise.
  • System-generated efficiency recommendations enable your team to address a fault before it becomes a problem.
  • Portfolio and Energy Star benchmarking incorporates weather normalization for accurate comparison.
Energy Dashboard (Track & Analyze)
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