Maintenance Management

Contains: Two mobile devices

Maintenance Management

Flywheel offers a modern, mobile maintenance solution to help you simplify your maintenance operations.

  • Preventive maintenance reduces the risk of premature equipment failure or unexpected runtime. Yet it also creates inefficiencies because the assigned tasks may not be necessary for optimal facility operation. In traditional maintenance programs, procedures are generated and assigned to staff based on available time. However, a monthly procedure scheduled at the beginning of the month will appear every month regardless of completion of the previous month’s procedure. Nor does schedule generation consider if maintenance is required prior to scheduling the task (a clean filter does not need replacement, nor does a greased bearing need lubricating).
  • Flywheel solved this challenge by tying procedure generation to equipment condition and runtime. The software can intelligently generate and assign work for an asset when triggered by the observed condition or hours of operation. For example, consider an air filter replacement in an air handling unit. Previously, this task was scheduled, and thus completed, monthly or quarterly as prescribed to prevent issues caused by dirt buildup. With the new system, filter replacement will only occur if a technician notes its need during inspection, or if the air handling unit has run for long enough to warrant filter replacement. Note that assigning procedural work by runtime requires software integration with building assets, either through the existing building automation system (BAS) or internet-of-things (IoT) sensors. Flywheel can attain both types of data and map them to the assets requiring maintenance.
  • Preventive Maintenance Features:
    • Easily schedule preventive maintenance procedures with step-by-step instructions.
    • Streamline your workflow by automatically assigning preventive maintenance tasks to a team or an individual.
    • Keep track of preventive maintenance history for warranty and historical purposes.
  • Create checklists or inspections for a group of assets or locations- great for annual reminders or daily routines
  • Streamline your workflow by reducing the number of clicks it takes to get the job done
  • Utilize tags to group by importance and make work easily searchable
  • Gain visibility into a portfolio of buildings or sites
  • Powerful comparative analytics
  • One login for an entire portfolio
    • Experience the power of seeing performance at a glance
  • User permissions that ensure your employees only see what they need and nothing more
  • Save money by improving efficiencies, streamlining workflows, and keeping a pulse on your organization, all in one platform
  • Tangible ROI
  • Actionable insights
  • Developed with input of our expert hospitality and commercial clientele
  • Easily visualize work order creation, completion, and status
  • Configurable dashboard that is unique to every user – see only what’s important to you
  • Ability to export, print, e-mail, or schedule e-mail reporting
  • Increase Productivity
    • Assign work orders to teams or individuals
  • Improve Communication
    • Comment within the mobile or desktop platform for real-time team collaboration
    • Take and upload photos straight from the mobile application to document conditions of assets
  • Streamlined Workflows
    • Configure dashboards to suit individual needs and work styles
    • Save time with easy, one-click access to customized work order lists
  • Team Assignments
    • Ensure the right person is assigned to the right work order by utilizing team assignments
    • Streamline your scheduling by configuring teams by department, skillset, shift, project name, or even work type (ex: preventive maintenance)
  • Allow everyone inside and outside your organization to submit work requests
  • Perfect for guest requests, tenant requests, and any other unforeseen work order requests
  • No login required – simply share the URL
Contains: Two mobile devices

Asset Management

  • Empower your employees to predict and prevent problems from occurring
  • Powerful analytics on assets and people that show performance at a glance
    • Save money and time by ensuring your employees have all the information they need in the palm of their hand, like make, model, manufacturer, and detailed note history
  • Automatic preventive maintenance scheduling – set it and forget it.
  • Comprehensive asset history record – keep track of all the work you’ve done over an asset’s lifetime to predict and prevent downtime
  • Programmable fault triggers take the guesswork out of operational optimization
  • Minimize downtime, maximize guest/tenant satisfaction
  • Take and upload photos of the condition of assets or critical asset information on the fly with the Flywheel Native Mobile App
  • Save time and stay organized by uploading warranty information, invoices, manuals and more, to make them readily available to your teams
  • Reduce clutter and never worry that paperwork will go missing by digitizing your asset history
  • Seamless syncing between desktop and mobile
  • Unlimited document and photo storage included with every package
  • Modernize your maintenance by having detailed asset information available in Flywheel Mobile – from make, model, and manufacturer to install date and full warranty information. Empower your teams to work smarter, not harder.
  • Obtain peace of mind knowing that your asset history has been captured and saved – no more worrying that your knowledge is walking out of the door.
  • Utilize comprehensive asset history for warranty claims or repair work to keep your contractors accountable
  • Automatically maintains a record of work order generation and completion
  • Helps you make informed critical asset decisions
  • At-a-glance view of asset performance
  • Make better informed important decisions on asset life cycles
Asset Management Dashboard
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